Your records are being stolen sea creatures 4/11/19

Dreaming of sea creatures.

Once upon a time, the Ocean was ruled by a wise King. He spent some of his money in his coffers, to create a sophisticated database to store the health records of all his subjects. This facilitated the easy retrieval and designing of customized medical treatment for sick patients. A school of terrorist sea creatures hacked into the the OceanHealth’s IT system. They used a trick to gain access past the firewalls. The elderly servers could not refuse the gift of a Trojan Horse and OceanHealth’s Castle of IT fell. The Ocean’s conglomerate of public hospitals’ database was hacked. The terrorists were self-trained to be resourceful in executing the invasion. One trillion gazillion sea residents’ personal data was breached. Even outpatient guests’ medical prescriptions were accessed. Imagine how you’d feel when your records are being stolen. This was the worst case of data breach in the history of Ocean.

The motive of this hack was to access the personal and confidential medical record of the King of Ocean. His medical history was in a computer file and the hackers wanted to know his vulnerabilities. They were instructed to discover weaknesses and exploit them to take over the Ocean. They saw the potential of selling the information to interested parties for an exorbitant amount which would then be used to fund their terrorist activities. Then they got greedier and greediest. Why not steal as many medical records as possible? As their hacking was undiscovered for several months, and they had time to transfer and download data.

This security breach was only discovered when a vendor dropped by to service clogged plumbing in the Castle of IT. The plumbing and sanitation were faulty as viruses were hiding in every nook and cranny. The terrorists threatened to take down the Kingdom of Ocean if there are attempts to apprehend them to face the music.

The elderly King decided to defend and maintain his kingdom, instead of going on the offensive. He ordered his court to upgrade their IT systems, and train sea creatures to operate and maintain strong processes to defend cyber invaders in the ocean. Staff must appreciate and exhibit loyalty towards the protection and defence of Ocean’s integral IT, which is the heart of the Cyber body of network. Ocean Cyber Wellness (OCW) was tasked with the duty of increasing the strength of Ocean’s security forces. The King wanted everyone to march towards being Smart Ocean in the new millennium 3000.

This story is incomplete as it awaits the future generations to write how progress or regress happens next.

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