How dreaming of a camel relates to your life

Dreaming of a camel can relate to your life in several ways. You have to find the meaning that most resonates with you at this stage and time of your life.

A camel is a hardy animal that stores fat and water. It saves its resources for difficult times, when it needs to rely on itself to survive. If you see a camel in your dream, it means you are being called on to behave like one. You have to save your all your resources and use them sparingly. Save for a rainy day. Besides hinting to you to save, the camel also represents the symbol of travel through tough conditions. Perhaps you are called upon to go through a dry and difficult period in life.

Other traits of the camel may also relate to you. It is a working animal and carries the rider and/or baggage. Your brain may have activated the memory cell containing the image of a camel, because it wants to tell you that you have been hardworking through tough conditions.

Another trigger that may have created the dream image of a camel, can be the familiar idiom, “The last straw that broke the came’s back”. It means you should not be over-burdened to the point of breaking and no return. We live in a selfish world. We are always called to assume more responsibilities than we can manage. Sometimes, in the name of multi-tasking, a person has to stand in the shoes of many people. If you think you’re being over-burdened, then it is time to sort out your priorities and decline tasks that are beyond your boundary.


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