How does dementia affect your dreams?

A woman or man with dementia will show signs that their dreams are affected by dementia. They tend to dream about their early memories, from the times when they were yet to be affected by dementia. A patient who is suffering from dementia is less likely to dream of the time frame after the onset of their disorder. Their old memories are retained while their newer ones do not have a firm hold in their brain cells.

Dementia can affect younger women and men too. People with genes that make them susceptible to dementia inherit this disorder.

Examples of dreams from a sufferer of early dementia.

A man in his early 50s talked about his dreams, after he was diagnosed with early dementia.

Dream 1.

He is with his friend in his hometown, which is not his present abode in his adopted country. He dreams of old times spent with his friend.

The sage presents a stalk of sage to you.

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