Food Poisoning: Mindful Doodles #70

Food Poisoning: Read this to save lives!

Mindful Doodles #70:
This woman acts upon receiving stimulus. Her taste buds told her the food was sour. Her brain processed information to derive at the thought that the food could have decayed. Her brain told her to stop eating bad food. She was lucky that the food assumed characteristics of decomposition by giving a sour taste, which set off alarm bells. If there was no change in taste, the the consumer would have eaten up food that has gone bad. She could have contacted food poisoning. Recently, food poisoning has been on the rise. Inflation, rising costs of business operations and human greed, have collectively contributed to unethical practices. Old food from yesterday is usually recycled for selling the following day because kitchen staff can’t bear to waste food by tossing in the bin. The sell did not have enough storage space in their refrigerator to keep the day old food so they left it in the open to chill overnight. Then they warmed it up for serving the following day. Many small food stalls do not even possess their own refrigerators. They obtain their raw vegetables and meat from suppliers every day and cook them. They have no storage facility.

If you taste sour food that is not supposed to be sour, please stop eating it immediately. Save yourself. You’ll lose many resources like money spent on visiting a doctor, transport fees, time lost and opportunity to perform necessary tasks is lost due to time being lost.

Be mindful of what you eat.

Mindful Doodles is a series of comic/ cartoon drawn on assimilating stimuli that comes into my mind. My surrounding and environment are dynamic. As events happen, the stimuli enters my brain and I pay attention to them. I am not mentally disturbed as I pay due respect to each stimulus. I ponder upon how I would deal with the stimulus, to manage the situation. I try to discover what lesson the Universe bestows on me in this encounter. I write my discovery as my Mindful Thought of the Day.

Why be mindful? By paying time and attention to a disturbing stimulus, you deal  with it. It ceases to be new and disruptive to you. You have released anxiety. You have greatly reduced your mental stress.

Mindful Thought of the Day:
Be mindful of the stimuli received by your senses. React accordingly when your brain and gut tell you that something is wrong.

The Prompt is the word “clemency”. Do I think that the food seller deserves clemency/ mercy, for unethical business practice? Its difficult to say. Because I have the option to stop eating once I was forewarned that the food was decayed. I would blame myself if I continued eating and poisoned myself. What would you have done?