Finders are Returners: Mindful Doodles #346

Mindful Doodles #346 – Finders are Returners

Finders are not always keepers. Finders are Returners. Sometimes.

Remember the times when we went for walks and we would find things? Sometimes, we would pick them up and look out for ads in the Lost and Found. Or if there was a public office somewhere in the area, we would deposit the Found Items and tell the person-in-charge to return them when the owners come to claim them. Some items are virtually worthless, save for the owners who hold sentimental values for their precious possession.

One day, the character in the drawing went for a walk. Parallel to her pathway, there was a canal with flowing water. She spotted a hat in the water. She picked up a stick and fished the hat out.

This is a rough story board. It needs work. Some drawings are not consistent.

Character named Cai found a hat.