Dreams of running champion

There used to be a young, teenage female runner, who aspired to be a champion. She used to challenge herself by running with traffic. She would try to run as fast as a passing cyclist, motorcyclist, or motorist. One of her feet was badly misshapen due to “childhood trauma”. This was caused by wearing shoes which were too small for her feet, during her childhood and adolescence. The right foot’s deformed bones made an abnormal shape which wore out that shoe faster than her left foot’s shoe. She was left with functional left foot shoes and worn out right foot shoes. She saved her good left foot shoes by placing them on a display rack in her dining room. They were reminders of her dreams to be a running champion. They were the reality which helped to keep her diet in check.

Sometimes at night, she dreamed of running in those old shoes when they were new and helped her run fast. Those dreams often ended badly. The reality seeped into her dreams. The shoes got damaged and she could not run.

Prompt – photo of an empty glass with a wedge of lemon sitting on a long table. The background shows a display rack with single sports shoes.

Dreaming of shoes.