Dreaming you got lost & ended up somewhere else

Dreaming you got lost & ended up somewhere else. A man said he dreamed he wanted to visit his friend on a college campus. He said he walked around, saw a train, saw a man walking his pet dog, and then saw a woman. This woman offered to help him. The man asked directions from the woman. She told him the instructions on which direction to walk, to return to his house.

Dream of being lost

Dream interpretation of being lost

You are unclear about at least one issue in your waking reality. This problem continues in your dreamworld. Your anxiety during waking hours is likely to have triggered the dream. This dream is a warning of the threat. It wants you to take action to resolve the problem.

Sometimes, it is possible to start a series of actions to try to recover a lost article. Here is a story of how something got lost in broad daylight, before any warning dream. I didn’t know something was lost so I didn’t dream about it. This goes towards the argument that a dream can only happen about something in your life and not before it happens.

My parcel was delivered on April 19 2023. I checked my logistics delivery tracking and discovered it was delivered. I checked my back door, and letter box. I called my apartment block’s security guard, in case it had been left there by the harried postman. Nothing. Where was my parcel delivered? I called my local post office. The customer care service said a postman had signed on the delivery status. I lodged a complaint, to escalate my case of my missing parcel. On the same day itself, my local mail carrier sent out two postman to my apartment block. They knew they had to race against time to retrieve the parcel before it lands into the wrong hands. They had checked their records which stated a parcel was delivered to a mail box of a different unit number. They peeped into the letter box and lo, behold! the parcel was indeed present, sitting prettily. They used their master key to open the stack of letter boxes, to retrieve my parcel, to place it into my letter box.

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