Dreaming of work & job *

Dreaming of work & job

Dream analysis of symbolism of dreaming of work:

Meaning of dreaming of work and job.

Since you were pre-occupied with work and thoughts about your job, the same themes are carried into your dream world. You are likely to dream about the issues you faced at work.

Did you dream of having a relationship at work? Did you dream how this would affect your work?

Many companies require employees to disclose relationships within the organization. In 2022, Jeff Zucker, the President of CNN Worldwide, was pressured into resigning after being discovered to be in a relationship with CNN’s Chief Marketing Officer. This was a relationship he didn’t disclose.

Friendships present bias for that person with whom you have binding close ties with. This mnay influence your decisions in work matters whenever that friend is involved. Would you make a decision to protect your company’s interest, or your friend’s interest?

This is why companies have become more discerning where employees have friendships with peers and managers.

Sometimes, familiarity breeds contempt. You know your friend’s strengths and weaknesses. You may lose confidence in your friend’s ability to handle challenging situations. You may start to think that your friend may not be an asset, but a liability.

How will your contemporaries in your industry view your relationship with someone within the rank and file of your company?

If in real life, you’re having a relationship at your workplace, you’ll eventually see and experience consequences. If your relationship is flourishing, and your colleagues are aware of your coupling, then they may assume cronyism if you receive benefits. If you receive a promotion, salary increment or other opportunities, tongues will wag. Even the most mundane facts could become gossip fodder.

On the other hand, if your relationship goes into difficulties, you, the aggrieved party, assume you are being biased against, due to the current state of the relationship. You’ll experience stress and mental turmoil. This is likely to trigger dreams about your current situation.

When there is a power imbalance in the relationship, and it is often the case that the woman has a lower rank than her male partner, she is likely to become the sacrificial lamb to bury the hatchet. Every working should remember this. If she desires to maintain a steady job, its best not to date colleagues or superiors. When the axe comes to grind, it is often the woman employee who gets the chop.

Where friendships with same gender employees are questioned for integrity, the lower rank get sacrificed. David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, was recently linked to the departures of his former friends-colleagues like Jeff Zucker, Don Lemon, Brian Stelter and Chris Licht. Their friendships with their CEO was not a guarantee of continuity of their jobs.

This is typical of work relationships souring when the power dynamics change. Some bosses may say their juniors were not friends but employees who worked for them.

Birds of a feather, stick together. If your boss smokes and so do you, AND you enjoy smoke breaks together, you’re likely to get opportunities when they come up.

While men flaunt their status and power, many women still don’t get to enjoy privileges from their birthright. They are treated as lowly, sex objects to be conquered. Their voices are muted and their rights waived. Women who are discriminated against lack power. During the Renaissance, queens and female royalty don’t own power to confer jobs, or benefits to men or other women. Rather, they are seen as prize trophies. Now, in 2023, women are slightly more empowered. They work alongside men, although it is the other gender who hold more powerful roles.

Politicians in public eye are held as role models and expected to walk their talk. A mistake like an extramarital affair could cost them their jobs. Opposition parties in the know are likely to sling mud and take advantage of their foe’s downfall from grace.

Prevention is better than cure. Self-discipline, and vigilant guard on one’s conduct help prevent a friendship from transgressing into a personal relationship.

If friendships at work carry potential negative consequences, why make friends at work?

Here’s a list of advantages when you have friends at work:

  1. You’ll enjoy more employee engagement.
  2. You tend to stay longer in the same company.
  3. You care for your co-workers and you’re conscientious at work.
  4. Friendships boost employee morale.
  5. You’ll enjoy a network of support.
  6. The atmosphere of positivity encourages trying new challenges at work.
  7. Good relationships with co-workers make your work life tolerable, if not enjoyable.
  8. You’re motivated to give your best at work. Consequently, you shine and become a candidate for promotion or better positions within your company.

Dream of a relationship at work could be a sign that you desire friendship and more from your work place.

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