Dreaming of studying

Dreaming of studying
One night in January 2015, I had a dream about my tutor for private tuition. I was late in arriving for her lesson. I had spent too much time window shopping and before I knew it, the time for tuition class was over. My dream continued with a face to face talk with my tutor. I told her I went across the border to visit a small town. After telling this anecdote, I paid her fifty bucks for her lesson and surprisingly, she was returning me some small change. My alarm clock rang and I woke up.

Dream analysis
This dream suggested I did not concentrate on my studies. I had wasted time by not arriving punctually for class, and deviating from studying by window shopping. How does this relate to my present life? Likewise, applying similar associations, I derive at the meaning that the dream is warning me against wasting time on un-necessary pursuits.

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