Dreaming of Skyscrapers, Interpretation Skyscrapers Dream, Skyscrapers Dream

Dreaming of Skyscrapers

What’s the meaning of dreaming of tall buildings? It could mean you are going to be involved in a big project. If your office or home was not in a tall building, this dream says you will be visiting one soon. In your waking reality, you probably were aware you have a chance to change your environment by moving to a skyscraper.

Interpretation Skyscrapers Dream

In some cultures, staying/ working in a high rise building, signifies success. The higher the level, the more successful you are. This belief is fueled in part by reality. For example, in a residential apartment building, the top most level is usually built as a penthouse, for an owner who can afford to pay a high price for it.

Likewise, in an office building, the higher floors are usually reserved for more exclusive offices. Lower floors experience more human traffic as people travel from ground to upper levels. More noise is also produced. For companies who desire quiet and privacy, they require to rent/ buy space at higher levels of the building.  If you work in a company building, your designation and status may dictate the type of office space you’re assigned to. If you hold an important post, you’ll probably be assigned an office space on the higher levels of the building.

Skyscrapers Dream

The meaning of this dream depends on the context of your life right now. If you had been preoccupied with a personal question about your life, this dream reflects that theme and maybe, the direction you’re heading.

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