Dreaming of Signboard, or No Signboard dream

Signboard or No Signboard store and shop.

Dreaming of Signboard
One night, I dreamed I was in a shop. I was sightly puzzled as to the nature of the store. There was no signboard at the front. The shop displayed a wide variety of goods. It had no specific range but stocked on a huge collection of odds and ends. It was not a supermarket. Neither was it a clothing departmental store. In my mind, I was searching for an item. I couldn’t name the item but looked for it high and low, hoping I would identify it once I set my eyes on it.

No Signboard dream
The trigger for this dream could have been a newspaper article I read the previous day. There was a news report about a chain of restaurants called “No Signboard”. Apparently the owners decided to coin that as their brand, since all restaurants have names. I’ve been thinking about my own branding for ages. Perhaps, my chance encounter with this news article has stimulated my brain to tell me that my brand name isn’t that important. I should focus on other issues.

I don’t think there are other important latent meanings attached to this dream.

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