Dreaming of queue, supermarket queue dream interpretation (updated)

Dreaming of queue

If you dream of having to queue anywhere, like the supermarket, departmental store, bank or post office and etc, it means you need to exercise patience. Dreaming of waiting in a queue means patience is required.

Detailed dream analysis involves asking yourself, why were you waiting in line in the queue? What was the purpose of the line of queue? This will give more meaning to the dream interpretation.

Waiting in a queue can mean order and fairness is required for the situation. If anyone jumps the queue, it means injustice, disorder and bad behavior. We’re living in a society of people where law and order must be practiced to ensure calm and peace. Another aspect of this dream  means waiting for one’s due turn. If the dreamer had been wondering and asking the question of when they would get an answer or something concrete, this dream answers that.

If the dreamer sees a few queues, the dream interpretation is that they are faced with choices. For instance, which line should the dreamer join? What would the dreamer select, in order to join the correct queue?

The line of queue also means there are clear boundaries. We have to queue to wait our turn.

If the dreamer sees themselves jumping the queue and violating the boundary, it means they are willing to face the consequences of breaking the order. It signifies the daring risk taking attitude. Translated into reality, this points to the choice of taking a risk by ignoring the orderly behavior of line and queue.

Straight line queue – the dream symbolism of a straight line queue means one is able to wait for something at the beginning of the queue.

Horizontal queue –  The dreamer is faced with multiple choices, of which they can only select one.

Vertical queue – This dream symbolism means the dreamer can move vertically up or down. If they choose up, it is usually the morally correct choice.

If the dreamer chooses to move down, it signifies the less dignified selection.

Dreaming of a queue can mean it is a reminder to have patience. Perhaps there is a situation in your waking life that triggers this dream. In this case, the dream imagery of queue means to wait patiently for your turn. 

Dreaming of waiting in queue.

One night, I dreamed I was at the checkout counter of a supermarket. The cashier was about to scan the goods in my shopping basket. Then I told her to wait for my friend, because she needs to see the items being bought. Strangely, my friend arrived and came up to me at my checkout line. Then I woke up from my dream.

Supermarket queue dream interpretation
I often queued at the supermarket checkout. This dream merely replayed one of my regular activities. I did not see any latent meaning attached to this dream.


Are you too important to queue?

Everybody needs to buy green groceries and dry groceries.

Whose side are you on? Supermarket queue.

Nightmare scene in supermarket queue.

Man in supermarket queue coughs.
Is social distancing of 1 meter sufficient in the supermarket queue?

Cats go shopping for groceries too in a parallel world of anthropomorphism. The very first cat-person to bump into is likely the in-house store security guy.

Beefy. Anthropomorphic cat who’s in charge of the in-store security at a supermarket.