Dreaming of old home, Old House Dream

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Dreaming of old home

This is a common type of dream. You may have relocated to a different home, but you still have dreams of your old home. What does this mean? its probably due to nostalgia. Some event or data during your day may have triggered this dream about your old home. Your brain has stored many memories of the times you were living in your old home. Nostalgia and sentimentality triggered the dream at night, to continue the theme you thought about during your day.

There may be other reasons why you have dreamed about your old home. If you had an unresolved issue in that house, with a neighbor, or in that neighborhood, then you have not mentally and emotionally left the old place behind. If you think the latent meaning of this dream is about resolving the old issue, then you have to think about how you can handle it, to lay the matter at rest. You can visit your old home and stand outside it. Mentally tell yourself you are saying goodbye and you’re letting it go.

If its not possible to visit the old place because its far away, you can tackle this issue remotely. Sit down in a quiet place that is your personal sanctuary. Mentally focus on your old home. Say goodbye to it. Tell yourself you’re letting it go and you are not to think about it again.

I know one family who chose to love back into their old neighborhood, which was their adopted country where the man worked. This family had returned to their home town when the man of the family had to continue his master’s degree. After he graduated, he chose to return to his old home, in that other country. He loved his old home and rented another apartment, in the same neighborhood.

I wouldn’t suggest everyone to return to live in their old homes. Sometimes, when you know you’ve moved on and there were old wounds in your old place, don’t look back. Its not good to reopen old wounds.

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