Dreaming of my friends

.Dreaming of other people.

This dream was probably triggered by nostalgia for friends, or for social company.

Dreaming of greeting friends.

This happened in a dream. The trigger was nostalgia for the old friend.

Friend: Dream Interpretation #9
How dreaming of your friend relates to your life
Dreams continue waking reality, which means they continue what we thought about during our conscious hours. The dream below possibly means she was thinking of her boyfriend during her day’s waking hours.

What it means when you dream of your boyfriend (or girlfriend)

Have you ever dreamed of someone yelling at you? Once, I dreamed that a stranger was yelling and fighting with me. We were spinning around in a circle, locked in a vicious momentum that gathered speed as stored energy was converted to kinetic energy.

Common theme in dream is on fighting and yelling.

The dream imagery on fighting and yelling like cats and dogs, is a simulated expression. It shows what the mind was preoccupied with, before sleep.  It was stressed, anxious, worried and uneasy with its current situation in life. When the person is unconscious, some of their brain cells storing memories, are activated. Images, fragments of memories and mesh up of images, are replayed, in a dream. Thus, a dream may not contain everything that happened in real life, but is more like a mesh up of combined images.

Dreaming of your friend can mean a message about the actual person. If your friend was not looking for you, then your dream could be a reminder of a past interaction with your friend. You may have a burning question to ask your friend, as you think they are the correct person to help with their experienced answer.

What does it mean when the friends you see in your dream are not real people you know. This dream tells you that you need to make friends. This dream of having friends is a wish fulfillment.

Some dreams about friends have latent meanings that are opposite of their manifest appearances. The dream imagery about friends can also be a warning about fake friends. Look at the actions of those friends in your dream. Were you aware that their behaviors harmed you? During the day, you are hit by many stimuli and your brain was very busy processing this data to make sense of them. During sleep, your brain is not constantly pinged with data. It has time to focus on specifics, which it brings to the surface of conscious dreaming.

Seeing a friend in a dream can mean your brain wants to remind you of certain traits, personality or characteristics associated with that friend. In this case, the dream imagery of your friend serves to call up memories of associations linked to that friend.

Sometimes, a dream about a friend or friends can mean that you need help from them. If you face challenges in waking reality, you can be reminded of the past where you received help from your friends.

What does your dream mean? You are the best person who can decipher the symbols and relate them to your current position in life. The meaning of your dream depends on what themes you were thinking about.

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