Dreaming of monkeys running away

Dreaming of monkeys running away means bad luck disappears. Monkeys are associated with bad luck because of the mischief they cause.

In real life, monkeys are often associated with mischief, which damages property. Monkeys in the wild follow tourists and snatch plastic bags to search for food. Feeding monkeys teach them to trail humans in anticipation of food. Many monkeys act aggressively because they love to eat food which is man made.

Long ago, I used to stay in a neighborhood in the countryside. There were large areas of forests of trees by the road. Troupes of wild monkey roamed and encroached into the gardens of houses. If the compound had fruit trees, the monkeys were drawn like magnets. They needed to eat. They also terrorized occupants of the houses as they took their time plucking fruits and eating them perched on trees or the roofs. If you had laundry drying, they would steal clothes for fun, or dirty them.

Dream imagery of monkeys is linked to their behaviors in real life.

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