Dreaming of Letter Boxes, Interpretation Letter Boxes Dream, Letter Boxes Dream

Dreaming of Post-it, sticky note, letter boxes.

Dreaming of Letter Boxes
My definition of letter box is the container where the postman puts your mail inside. Sometimes, there is a cylindrical metal container attached to the top of this letter box. This cylinder is supposed to hold bigger mail items like magazines, newspapers and large envelopes.

Letter Boxes Dream
Dreaming of your letter box means it holds importance for you. In your day and waking hours, you may be anticipating a mail delivery. Your excitement and expectation have been continued in your dream.

For people in a relationship, a letterbox can be a manifest symbol of communication with their significant other. Dreaming of a letter box can mean you are expecting a communication fro your partner. It does not matter if you are using the internet and email/ social media. The letter box is a manifest representation of the receptacle that holds communication from your date.

Interpretation of Letter Boxes Dream
If you dream of your company letter box, it means you are expecting an important mail that has news about an official matter related to your work.

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