Dreaming of insects

Dreaming of insects:
Insects are not much loved by women and men. Many species of insects are pests as they cause disease and inconvenience to mankind. When you dream of insects, it may foretell you’re being hounded by pesky menace. Try to reflect on who might be causing you trouble in your home, work and social circle. On the other hand, do you know someone who reminds you of an insect? Your brain might have conjured up the image of an insect because you were reminded of it during the day. If insects have featured somewhere in your life, like as in having insects in the garden, caterpillar/ worm eating your cauliflower, weevil in your rice grains and etc., then you may be reminded of them in a dream. The characteristics of insects remind you to watch out for them in your waking life. If you are afraid of insects, then this image is a simulation of a threat which may appear in your waking life.

Insects carry negative meanings as they are known to carry pestilence and inconvenience. If you’re dreaming of someone being surrounded by insects, then it means that person is suffering, decaying and the insects are feasting on them.

If you had personal encounters with insects prior to your dream, then this dream serves to remind you of the old association, threats and lessons learned from your contact with insects.

Dreaming of worms
September 5 2016 – I dreamed I saw a worm crawling on a wall of my living room. Someone in my family said “We still have time, it’s only 6:30 am.” We were supposed to get ready to leave the house to start our day in various activities. Time passed and it became 7 am. Now this was getting late. Then we saw another worm on another wall of the living room. This wall was near the main door. We were talking about how it was getting late. Somehow, the presence of the worms delayed us from leaving the house. Then I woke up.

Dream analysis
Worms are disgusting creatures. Their presence signifies something bad as worms eat decomposing organic material. Relating this image to my real life, I would try to think of any disgusting aspects in my life. that I needed to change.

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