Dreaming of grocery store

When I was very young, I used to love to visit the grocery store. Going shopping at the store was a real treat. I got to select my favorite biscuits and candy. The meaning of this dream is to remind me of my childhood experiences of visiting the grocery store. In real life, my dream analysis would be to ask myself if I require something that is waiting to be bought from the store. I would walk into my kitchen and run a quick check on my inventory. Do I have enough cooking ingredients to last me until my next big shopping trip?

A grocery store is also associated with food and having enough food on the table. A person with less food to eat may go to bed hungry. They will dream of food and images related to food.

Alternatively, is there a person who is associated with the grocery store? Do I want to meet up with him/ her? Was that a good or bad experience?

One of the female teens in my neighborhood had a crush on a young man working in a neighborhood store. She used to walk past my home every day, to see him. I would guess that she might be having dreams of the grocery store, since it features with great importance in her life.

Do you have dreams of a grocery store? Would you like to share your dream and interpretation? Everyone is unique and by sharing our experiences, we are enriched.

Dreaming of grocery store.

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