Dreaming of empty stage means

Dream of empty stage means …

Dreaming of empty stage means you can expect a new contract to be offered to you. The stage is empty, because it is waiting for a new “show” to start. A new show, in this context, is a new set of players to work on a new project.

The dream interpretation of seeing yourself on a stage means that you will come into more visibility in waking life. You may get a promotion which elevates you into a better standing.

If you dream you’re sitting in the audience watching a stage play or musical, then dreamwork analysis suggest you’re reminded to be knowledgeable about the plot of the story being played out in public. In real life, you’re probably required to perform an action or say something appropriate according to the situation.

All the world is a stage and we are but actors on it. Sometimes, we perform according to script. Other times, we ad lib to improvise.

Dreaming of being on a stage that is in open air means we are in a role that is in direct communication with the public.

The converse is true. Dreaming of being in a closed auditorium’s stage means we are communicating to a select, limited audience.

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