Dreaming of desk

What does it mean when you’ve been dreaming of a desk? Firstly, you have to ascertain whose desk was it that you saw in your dream? If you saw your own desk, it means you are anxious about work. You have carried that anxiety into your dream, which is why the theme of work appeared as an image of your work desk.

If you see a desk that you don’t recognize, it can mean that you will be given a new desk at work soon. This may be good news, if you already know you’re getting a promotion at work. If you know your performance wasn’t good and anticipate a demotion, then your dream is telling you to expect a change of desks.

If you see your boss’ desk in your dream, it can mean you will be called into their office, for an important talk. The contents of this talk will depend on where you’re heading in your work. If your work performance has been good, the talk will be in your favor. If your performance at work was not well received, it means the talk at your boss’ desk, will be a reprimand.

The functions of a desk are mostly related for work. Thus, seeing the dream image means its meaning is closely related to work.

Dreaming of desk.