Dreaming of Dad

What does it mean when you dream of your dad? If your dad is still alive, it means you remembereded him because of his interactions with you. You may be appreciative of what he did for you, or recalled his advice to deal with certain situations. Conversely, your dream of dad could have been triggered by omissions of responsibilities, or what you wish he could have done for you.

A dream can be triggered by mental thoughts. Once, I thought about what I wished I could have told my dad, about my desire for tertiary education. It was a wee thought of what I wished I could have said to express my desire to study a professional course to prepare for my vocation. However, My personality and other traits defined my behaviors and I could not speak out. My thoughts about my past triggered the invention of a strange dream that night.

My dream:

I dreamed that my grandmother and I were chasing after my dad. He was running away from us. We caught up with him when he was climbing up a wall, to get away from us. We were at the foot of the wall, urging him to get down, but he refused. He had reached the top of the wall, and was going over to the other side. We lost in our mission.

I woke up. It was 4:45 am. I thought about this bizarre dream. I took many hours before I could understand my dream’s symbolism. My thoughts about my unrequited wish to voice my desire for a university education, triggered this dream about chasing after my dad, to speak to him.This is my interpretation of my dream.

Advice from protective father.