What does it mean when you dream of the same thing repeatedly?

What does it mean when you dream of the same thing repeatedly over a long period of time? The dream symbol never gets old with each recurring dream. The dream imagery in each dream can be different, but the theme remains the same.

Let’s discuss one example. Like what’s the meaning when you have several dreams of living in new homes? You must be asking yourself, why do you dream of the same theme of new homes?

Here are some possible meanings when you often dream of living in new homes:

  1. Dreaming of new homes as a recurring theme, can mean you are dissatisfied with your current home and you desire to search for a new one.
  2. You may be facing challenges in your environment and you wish to run away by moving to new home.
  3. Your present home was violated and your sanctuary was damaged in some way. You desire to seek a new home to feel secure.
  4. If you have an innate desire to move to a new place to stay, your subconsciousness will remind you of this wish, by triggering dreams about living in new homes.
  5. If you are experiencing discomfort or illness in your body, which is a kind of home for your soul, then the dream of moving into a new home, is a metaphor. Your body has sent messages to fix your health and renew your body, which is expressed as moving into a new home.
  6. If the theme issue that is affecting you does not get resolved, you will be experiencing dreams with the same theme, repeatedly. When your problem has been managed, its almost certain that you will stop dreaming of this theme.
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