Dreaming of cigarettes

Dreaming of cigarettes.

If you dream of cigarettes, it means you are conscious of your smoking habit. It is also a reminder that cigarettes are bad for health. Since cigarettes bring bad health, to dream of them means you’re expecting bad news. If you dream of quitting smoking, then this is a good sign.

Are you a smoker in real life? Then you may get this kind of dream. If you aren’t a smoker, then its unlikely you’ll get a dream about cigarettes. Have you ever had this dream about smoking cigarettes?

Dreaming of smoking
If you see smoke in your dream of smoking, then this dream could be a simulation of a threat. Smoke can be a latent threat because it hides/ masks the truth. Someone in real life could be creating smoke to camouflage the truth.

The proverb says, “Where there’s smoke, there’s also a fire”. The dream symbol of smoke spells trouble.

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