Dreaming of cat

“Curiosity kills the cat” is an idiom. We have learned about this and its connotation is in our memory. Thus, when we see dream imagery of a playful, curious cat, we are reminded of this common idiom, which warns us against being too curious for our own good. taken in the meaning, dreaming of a curious cat foretells possible trouble in the near future.

If you see a cat who likes to prowl the outdoors, it can mean you know someone in real life, who likes to play the field and maybe insincere.

If you see a sleeping cat in your dream, it means you’ll probably be lucky enough to enjoy a relaxed pace of life and be resting and sleeping. Let sleeping dogs (and cats) lie, is another way of telling you to let things be and don’t stir up trouble. Let the sleeping animal (or bygones be forgotten) lie in peace. For stirring a resting animal (or buried feud) can create more trouble than you can handle.

If you see dream imagery of cats and dogs fighting, it is a reminder of threat. In your reality, there may be people around you who are fighting or about to fight. The dream is a warning so that you can take measures to handle the situation, or take evasive steps to avoid the fighting.