Dreaming of bullet and gun relates to your life

Gun violence is usually associated with anger. In a fit of anger, a shooter fires a gun, often without thinking of the consequences.

If you dream of someone shooting a gun at you, it means that person is very angry with you. Try to reflect on what you’ve done in  waking life, that caused a person to be so angry with you. Were you at fault? Are you ready to make amends and restitution?

Can you hear the sound of the shooting? The loud noise could be another symbolization. The loudness is likened to the noise from shouting and verbal fights. Have you heard loud audio from your environment recently? If your neighbor plays loud music, or video games, then your brain may have captured the loud firing sounds as input stimulus.

Since there are several meanings associated to seeing the shooting of a bullet from a gun, you should choose the meaning that you closely identify as befits your  current state in waking life.

Dreaming of arrest means to stop a certain disagreeable behavior.


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