Dreaming of books

Dreaming of books.

The dream analysis of this symbol is that the dreamer is being told to read more. Perhaps the dreamer has a problem in real life and needs to seek knowledge to resolve this issue.

A dream about a book can be triggered if reading was one of your last activities before you fell asleep. You might dream about something you read.

If your dream imagery shows you experiencing difficulties comprehending the material (subject matter) in the book, then it can mean you are facing hardship in waking life.

If you can see the title of the book in your dream, then what the book is about, is relevant to your waking life. It means whatever is in the book has some relevance to your waking life.

If you see an open book before you, it can mean that you were interrupted during reading. It could hint that in your waking life, you were interrupted in doing something and your book remained open while you attended to the disruption.

If you see a children’s book, it means your dream was triggered by nostalgia for your past.

Other meanings of this dream could imply the desire to get hold of books for reading pleasure. Maybe the dreamer has borrowed some books from the library and they are due for returning. The dreamer knows this at the back of the head. Then the inner consciousness activates the memory cells that hold imagery of books, to play them in a dream.

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