Dreaming of being forgetful: Dream interpretation of forgetting

Dreaming of being forgetful
In a dream, I was trying to remember an important event or chore I had to do. I was searching for my forgotten task.

Dream interpretation of forgetting
If you dream about forgetting something, it could mean that you are missing out something in real life. Your unconscious part of the mind is trying to remind you that you need to remember something. You could try to think about your daytime activities and what is missing to help you handle your responsibilities.

Is this comic about forget or cautious behavior? I would like to think it was cautious behavior.

Three panel comic:

Paying the cab driver at the end of the ride.
Slow reaction and he missed in the passing.
He managed to pick up the dollar bill and then he repeated the same question.

I feel a pang of sympathy for the older adult who has to continue working for survival. The man was cautious, or forgetful. He asked thrice, on whether I had placed any shopping bags in the boot. Its better to err on the side of cautiousness. But still, he repeated himself once too often.

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