At what age can a child decide for herself? #503

Mindful Doodles #503: At what age can a child decide for herself?

When is a parent protective and when is a parent over-protective? We consider the age of the child. At what age can a child decide for herself? This depends on her mental maturity, emotional maturity and spiritual maturity.

Advice from protective father.

Part 2.
This has been continued after my helpful reader suggested to expand this topic.

Can’t hitch rides to meet adult biker pals.

An adult female cousin offered free rides to her young cousin, grooming her to become her friend and a pawn.

Parents are asked to parent other children.

Its tough to pay for other kids when you can’t really afford it.

Other kids ask to share your vacation.

I can understand when children envy other kids when they go somewhere fancy for a holiday.

They are not hosts for boarders.

Last but not least, teenagers love to stay with their friend’s parents’ house.

Do you think these views of the man in the comic, are antique?

Writing prompt.


  1. Wow. Thank you for the idea of drawing more comics from this topic. I hope you will continue to help everyone with your insights on topics.

  2. Thanks for your input. Your mom is a generous and capable woman.

    In this comic, the father of the child holds a high post which has some political connections. Maybe that is the reason of his caution.

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