Dreaming of balloon

Fiction –

The girl missed her mom so bad she decided to send a message. She tore a sheet of note paper from her dad’s Memo pad. “Dear Mommy, please come and see me. I miss you. Love, Jane.” She considered stuffing her note into an envelope but she didn’t have an address. She looked around and took a red balloon from yesterday’s party flavor. Its helium made it float. She folded her note into a tiny square, opened the balloon’s clip and stuffed it in. She’s going to send her note to Mommy via the Universe. She placed her trust in the great, mysterious power, to deliver her note. Now, to go to the highest point in the house to release her balloon. She climbed to the attic, opened its window and stepped out. She tread carefully for the tiles were still moist from rain. She raised her right hand which held her balloon, and looked at the sunrise. The glare of sunlight dazed her. She raised her left hand to her eyes. The shift of body weight took her by surprise. Suddenly she saw the grass and black color.

He had a dream. His daughter’s red balloon was losing its helium and almost lying on the ground. She called him and her voice was so loud and urgent that he was awakened. He went into her room but she wasn’t there. He went outside. He saw and fainted.

Writing prompt.

Meaning of dreaming of balloon –
The symbol of a sinking balloon foretells a bad situation/ event on the way.

Dreaming of balloons.

Dreaming of balloons has several meanings, which depend on the position of the balloon. If the balloon is high up, it could mean you have lofty ambitions. If the balloon is at middle level, then it could mean that you are happy with being an average sort of person. If the balloon was at ground level, it could indicate you are at a low point in your life. This is not the worst; it is a popped balloon (burst one). The torn balloon has no chance of being salvaged and re-inflated again.

Meaning of dreaming of holding a red balloon.

This means to stand out in a crowd. If you dream of yourself holding a red balloon, it means something will happen in waking life, that causes you to become outstanding in a crowd. Try to reflect on this dream interpretation and see if you can identify what the real life thing is.