Dreaming of a doctor

Dream analysis of seeing a doctor.

If you see a doctor in your dream, it means you’ll experience a change in your health. Your brain knows your state of health and wants to remind you of this. Your state of health can be good, bad or improving. The doctor is an icon of health and his appearance in a dream serves to remind you of the state of your health. If you had been feeling weak or sickly in your waking hours, then the image of a doctor appears in a dream to tell you to visit a medical clinic to seek address for your problem. If you have been eating poorly, then a doctor may also appear in your dream. This symbol serves to remind you to take care of your nutrition and health.

Have you ever dreamed of a doctor telling you about your health?

October 8 2016 – I dreamed of my relative, who was talking and cracking jokes. In waking reality, he was sick. He was very quiet, inactive, and frequently daydreaming. He used to be lively and cheerful, but when his health declined, he stopped chattering and now seldom spoke.

Dream analysis – This sick relative may recover to see better health, as this dream has predicted so.

Updated October 16 2018 – The male relative had complicated health problems and is receiving treatment from several specialists. He has regained some health and is able to speak, read newspapers, and exercise regularly.

Writing prompt – nutrition.

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