Dreaming of a crowd of people

Dreaming of a crowd of people.

The dream interpretation of a crowd of people is not good. Like in waking life, a crowd obstructs human traffic. In the dream, a crowd slows down the movement of people in the area. Thus, the crowd  hinders you. Either in your climb up the social ladder or in your career. A crowd of people can cause confusion because of the numerous stimuli and noise. When you see a crowd, you may be attracted to someone inside the group. Or you may wish to belong to a clique within this crowd.

In September 2016 – I dreamed I was in a crowd of a social gathering of people. The atmosphere was happy.

Dream analysis –
In reality, being happy in the dream has the opposite meaning in waking life. In waking reality, I was never happy in a social gathering of people. I was usually the person doing all the work behind the scenes, be it cooking, painting, caring for patients…

Have you dreamed of a crowd of people?


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