Dream of talking to your therapist

If you dream of talking to your therapist about your dreams, it means you did not understand your past dreams. Your waking life triggered the invention of dreams. But you don’t understand the messages. Then your brain created the dream of speaking to your therapist about your dreams. This aims to tell you to get help to deal with your issues in waking life. You may be seeing difficult situations and need help to plan your solutions. Your dreams are usually the consequence of real life themes which are continued into dreamworld. Your dreams reflect real issues in your waking life. If you already have a therapist, then this kind of dream could be a reminder to book an appointment to speak to your therapist again.

If yore dissatisfied with certain issues in your context, you may dream about spilling your guts out to someone. This dream imagery shows how much you need to deal with frustrations and problems.

To dream of your therapist can also have another dream interpretation. It reminds us that we have the capability to change ourselves. We are our own therapist. If we think hard enough, we can understand our problems, and maybe discover solutions too. We know what’s missing.

A young patient lies on the floor and pretends he is swimming like a fish in water. The Occupational Therapist says to call her O.T.