Dream of pests/ vermin/ parasites/ dependents

If you dream of pests,

or dream of vermin,

or dream of parasites,

or dream of dependents, the dream analysis and dream interpretations are:

  1. If you’re female, you may be pregnant and expecting a baby.
  2. If you’re male, someone you know may be pregnant,
  3. Irrespective of your gender, you may be expecting. Not a child, but an important project or important assignment, which requires your time and attention.

A baby is a helpless, dependent human being. Vermin and parasites are also dependent on you (and hosts). Dreams often carry significant themes so they are about important real icons. Vermin and parasites are seldom that important to warrant dreams being created about them. Dream imagery and symbols represent complicated themes in your life. Thus, dream symbolism should be decipehered.

Artist impression of Gekyume’s baby feet.