Dream of getting lost

Dream on October 12 2018 –
My family and I went to my sister’s house in M. We stayed there for a short vacation. I traveled to visit an exhibition nearby. I met a male inventor of a special plastic box. When he opened it, there was skinny green chillies placed inside. I was distracted and by the time I looked around for my family, they were gone and nowhere within eyesight. I walked around to search for them.University students at the exhibition hall were playing pranks to make things vanish and reappear. Overhead, there was a train track and trains were running. I was confused on how to walk back to my sister’s house. An adult staff member of the University saw I was looking lost and offered to help me. She was holding 4 brochures in her hands. A man walked past me. He was holding a small Pomeranian dog. I waited on the spot until they walked past me. I was afraid of the dog. After waiting a while, I woke up.

Dream analysis – The main theme of this dream was about getting lost. The dreamer needs to reflect on how this theme relates to their waking life.

This is the dream:

Dream of being lost