Dream of being a life coach means

If you dream of being a life coach, here is what you should do:

Learn how to be a coach coaching the coachee:

A life coach is not just a person who barks out orders. A coach is a listener who listens first and foremost. If you want to be an effective coach, you should learn to listen before you tell people what you think they should do. People have genuine concerns. The coach should address these primary concerns before trying to proceed.

The coach’s client feels respected and encouraged to talk, when you (the coach), really listens.

What happens when you listen?

  1. You understand what the other party is trying to tell you.
  2. The opposite party feels respected when you listen to them.
  3. You have won them over as a friend.
  4. When you command their respect, you’re likely to influence them to listen to you now.
  5. You decide on a suitable response.

The ability to listen to people is a valuable asset. Dale Carnegie wrote his international bestseller “How To Win Friends & Influence People”, based on a basic premise to listen to people.

Can everyone be coached to change and attain a higher level of personal achievement? What are the criteria for the learner client (coachee) to become successful after coaching?

The coachee should be desirous for change. They should determine their goals. When the coach comes into their life, they evaluate these goals in relation to the student client’s life.

The client should desire change because this motivates them to push forward. They know what they want and engage their coach to help them achieve those goals. It is the coach’s responsibility to remind the client of their agenda and stay true to the path.

They set long term goals and walk towards them by breaking these down into smaller short term goals. The coach tries to help them see what to tweak to improve their overall life as a whole.

The coachee pays the coach and they are ultimately, the boss. The relationship between coach and coachee is usually of short duration, unlike that of a mentor’s. This is one of the fundamental differences between a coach and mentor. The mentor supervises the mentored client for a long time, and may be unpaid.

What is a good coach and what is a lousy coach?

A good coach will tackle the cause of the problem. A lousy coach handles the visible symptoms of the problem. Why is there growing need for job coaching and life coaching?

In the old world, senior employees were mentors and job coaches for the younger ones. With the advance of dynamic job mobility, there are no stable positions for old and young employees. Workers must become as fluid as the economy demands.

What does a good coach do to help you?

They encourage you to expand beyond a narrow mindedness. If you lack confidence, they will try to instill confidence in you. If you are afraid to step out of your comfort zone, they will nurture your independence to step into bigger shoes and responsibilities.

How do you find the coach who is right for you? There are countless coaches wishing to given opportunities to prove themselves to you. You have to choose the right coach who is a good fit for you. One of the first and foremost criteria is what they show as their values. If you think you admire their values, and the style which they perform their duties and conduct themselves, then that person can be your coach. For instance, a certain president (POTUS) exhibits flamboyant style, but his values are vaguely expressed and these sway in accordance to his motivations of the moment. I may admire his style of governance but I’m uncertain about his values. In my opinion, he is not the kind of life coach I would sign up with.

How negative thinking harms you:

Are you holding yourself back because you lack confidence in conviction? If you are now aware of your self-defeating beliefs running in your sub-conscious mind, it is time to fight them. What is wrong in your life right now? You need to practice self-awareness, to know what’s holding you back. In order to grow as a person, you have to toss out your old limiting, negative beliefs. (Sincero, 2013)

Can’t find a job during Covid-19? Here’s how to find a job in the pandemic of 2020:

  1. Get help from a career coach.
  2. Edit your resume to spruce it up.
  3. Practice being open minded to change and different conditions.
  4. Consider different jobs in unfamiliar fields.
  5. Be prepared to accept a pay cut. The external environment is challenging and you might be starting over in a new field. Be open to changes.

These advice really work. Please try it!

More on editing your resume:

Write your resume to shine and stand out from the crowd. Highlight your core competencies, and then your strengths. You should include abilities like working independently with minimal supervision, keying in data entry, usage of Microsoft Office programs and other computer programs. Scour newspapers and online job portals for jobs. Keep an open mind to migrate into different industries which can utilize your current set of skills.

How to attract what you want:

We are familiar with the old proverb, “Birds of a feather, stick together”. If you desire to attract something you wish for, you need to radiate energy which is on the same wavelength as your desired object or subject. If you think and act on positive energy, you’ll find yourself attracting similar types of positive energy. This is when you become capable of making your reality turn out the way you want. (Sincero, p. 32)

How to have a good interview

  1. You should rehearse a bit in front of a mirror at home.
  2. Read your resume/ C.V. Mentally visualize possible questions that could be asked by interviewers. Think and plan your answers in advance. Jot down your notes to remember your points.
  3. Your new interview should not be a one way affair. You should do some research into the company and write down some questions to ask the interviewer. When you do your homework, it leaves the impression that you are serious, conscientious and intelligent. You will make an impression and be considered a possible candidate for the job.
  4. Practice being calm, even though you feel nervous. Your body language should not betray your nervousness.
  5. In this day and time when this Covid-19 pandemic rages on with no end in sight, you should be prepared for giving an online interview. Your computer, camera, microphone and ear piece should all be in good working condition. You might need to go out to buy necessary electronics, or order them online. You must test all your equipment before your scheduled interview.

Coaching to lead a happy life.

To be continued soon.


Sincero, J. (2013). You are a Badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life. Running Press: Philadelphia.

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