Dream interpretation wet wipes against coronavirus

Did you ever dream using wet wipes against Coronavirus? Someone told me she would.

She said she would use wet wipes on her groceries bought from the supermarket. Because who knows who has touched those items. This lady had anxiety over getting sick with Covid-19 and she wanted to stick by the rules to guard against infection.

Recently, a supermarket had to shutter itself for a day, for cleaning and disinfection. One of their clerks doing stocking shelves had tested positive for Covid-19. Some shoppers were worried about the virus sticking onto surfaces of goods. There are at least eight strains of the present virus circulating the globe. There are no hard and fast rules on combating a virus which is quickly self mutating to evade eradication. If a person is highly anxious about cleaning their groceries immediately after purchase from the supermarket, they may do so.