Dream interpretation retirement

If you are a young working adult, then it is strange for you to dream of your retirement, since it is still a long way ahead for you. Rather, this dream interpretation means you desire to experience a change. You might like a slower pace of life style. Perhaps you did not have any relaxing hobbies and yearn for the day when you’ll be able to indulge in a pastime. You have ideas about retirement and while these suggestions are burning in the back burner, they have triggered this dream about retirement.

While it may be too early for you to retire, you can take some time out from your busy schedule, to indulge in a small hobby. This time spent relaxing will recharge your energy, and zest for life.

If you are an older adult and nearing your retirement, then your dream is a reminder to you, to prepare for the time when you can eventually retire from office. Then, this dream has the meaning of being a reminder to you, to prepare for your retirement. If you still need income, you might have to apply to extend your job, or prepare to transit to another job. Alternatively, you might look into other possibilities like setting up your own small business, work from home, be a personal assistant/ housekeeper/ cook, freelancer or do whatever feasible that brings in money.

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Prompt – retirement.

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