Caring for mental health in these ways: DIY Self-care Therapy

Maybe you are upset, because you need to take care of your mental health in these ways –

Caring for mental health in these ways: DIY Self-care Therapy

  1. You must satisfy your basic needs like food, drink, shelter.
  2. Take care of yourself before you can take care of someone else. Often, we are asked to sacrifice for others while neglecting ourselves.
  3. Your emotions are valid reasons for satisfaction. Attend to them by not bottling them up.
  4. Your opinions are who you are and you deserve respect for them.
  5. Guard your personal space and time if you want to protect yourself.
  6. Develop and maintain a close network of support from family, and friends. You might need to share with them to dissipate your doubts and benefit from their opinions.
  7. Acknowledge your negative emotions when you feel them. Decide how you’re going to deal with your anger, disappointment, hurt, sadness, fear and etc.
  8. Do not succumb to other people’s emotions and be manipulated by them. You are responsible for your own emotions.
  9. Prioritize your work by deciding the order in which they need to be done. You don’t need to pressurize yourself by working at breakneck speed.
  10. When you want others to respect your boundaries, so must you respect their boundaries. Be realistic with expectations of others and you won’t feel disappointed when you meet with a wall.
  11. When someone is abusing you, and you can’t shut them down, protect yourself. Leave the place, ignore them, or shut them out. Retreat into your inner sanctuary. When it is safe to seek help, get the resources to help you.
  12. If you feel stressed, relax. Breathe deeply. Get a change of scenery or activity.
  13. Your emotions release stress and pent up frustrations. Go into your safe sanctuary, like your room in your home, and release your emotions. You’ll feel better and calmer.
  14. When you face a block, walk around the obstacle. You can always think of ways to conquer your difficulty.
  15. Take time out of your routine to take care of yourself. Pamper yourself periodically. Write a list of your favorite activities and indulge in them once in a while.

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