Buttons cat: A to Z Challenge April 2 2021 Post #2

B is for Buttons cat, which is a cute cat outlined by sewn thread on cloth, with buttons for eyes. This cloth is then pasted on card paper.

Cat has button eyes
Cat outline sewn on cloth, then pasted on card paper. Background painted in water color.

Here is another pic with the artwork encased in a photo frame of size 2L. It is approximate 5 inch by 7 inch.

Button eyes cat sewn with outline. Cloth pasted on painted background on card paper. Cat framed in picture frame.

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This post participates in Frederique’s conjoined sewing textile challenge (day by day) for April’s A to Z challenge. She posted about how to recycle buttons in DIY projects at her link.

In addition, the creator of the A to Z challenge has an extra challenge – collect letter B blogs that feature Bears. Copy and paste their links below:

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