Adults’ common nightmares and why you should know about them

What are common nightmares? These are universal themes that can influence all humans because of their application to human psychology.

You should know about what are the common nightmares to help diffuse your fears about them. Common nightmares are in the pool of themes that are accessed by the psychology of humans. You need not be unduly worried about them as all people can be affected by them.

These are the common nightmares:

  1. Failure. Everyone is afraid of failure that thwarts one’s heart’s desires.
  2. Helpless against overwhelming obstacles. This is a version of number (1).
  3. Violence that overcomes you. This is a variation of number (2).
  4. Accidents out of your control. A variation of number (2)
  5. Being chased. This is a version of number (3).
  6. You’re ill beyond your control because of health problems. This is a version of number (2).
  7. Dying, death or overcome by problems to the point of seeing death in the face.

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