Dream tsunami knocks you over

If you dream a tsunami knocks you over, only for you to surface unscathed, it is good news. This dream interpretation points to the cycle of life. Tough times may knock you over, but you can survive and carry on. Your inner conscious sends you this message to be brave because you are resilient to adversity. Don’t be afraid. Challenges and hard times are part ad parcel of life.

Dream of tidal wave means …

Dreaming of leopard is warning

Dreaming of leopard is a warning of a threat. This wild animal is dangerous to humans. This dream may have been triggered by a situation of threat. The brain has created an image of a predatory animal like a leopard. This animal is a threat.

This dream symbol can stand for someone or something that is strong, powerful and deadly.

Leopard print cat.


The background was stamped. The leopard cat was painted in orange layer, then added with the spots.

Dreamed of your lifetime but when you awake only 8 hours passed

Have you dreamed of your lifetime of decades of years, but when you awake, only 8 hours have passed? What kind of sorcery is that?

Dreams can condense years from a lifetime, into a series of images that represent a long passage of time. This is how it is possible to dream of seeing a lifetime, when in actual fact, your dream is short. You don’t even dream the entire duration of your sleep.

Writing prompt

Dream of Crouching Cat jumping at you from its hiding place

In reality, if a crouching cat jumped at you from its hiding place, it would freak you out.

Dream of crouching cat jumping at you, is a bad dream. It simulates a scene that could happen in real life.

Crouching Cat Doodle

The crouching cat lies in wait to spring a surprise. This Cat Doodle is a collage. My friend on Twitter impressed me with her textured stamping. I used corrugated cardboard for this background. A vegetable’s natural print was stamped for the cat’s body. I like stamping because it saves me from painting.

Dreaming of man cycling with his sister but met his male friend

One night, a man was dreaming of cycling with his sister but met his male friend. This man then ditched his sister, to chat with his male friend. What is the meaning of this dream?

Dream interpretation:

The man prefers the company of his male friend. He abandoned his sister when he saw his friend. This dream shows his true inclination. He will betray his sibling, in favor of his friend. Likewise, a similar prediction would be that he would abandon any other member of his family, to choose his friend.

This dream was a warning to the man, and his family members. This prediction played out true when he abandoned his natal family to relocate overseas, in favor of his new job. Years later, he abandoned his spouse and child, to move again to a new country, because he desired to spend time with his new female friend.

Monogamy had some advantages for the wife.

Man often dreams of friends in his youth

An older man often dreams of friends in his youth. He seldom dreams of friends in his present age. He frequently dreams of himself in his younger days. He dreams of his siblings when they were young and living with their parents.

Dreaming shows illness symptoms in brain because dream imagery can indicate condition of brain. Here’s how:

A man dreamer was born in his homeland, but emigrated to a new country, to work and earn his living. As he aged into middle age, he was struck by illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. He declined to take medication, because he preferred to use alternatives like natural foods to treat his conditions. After 15 years, he suffered irreversible damage to his health because of medical non-compliance. He visited a neurologist, who diagnosed his problem as early dementia. This condition affects people as young as 35. The illness is called early dementia because patients suffer from this way before they reach old age. About 2-3 years later, knowledge about this type of condition became widely published in newspapers. Early dementia was attributed to be caused by probable factors like diabetes, hypertension, genes and etc.

Dreamers who have dementia show symptoms via the kind of dreams they see. One of these symptoms is the tendency to dream of old memories made before they developed early dementia.

What a dreamer sees in their dream, can indicate the presence of early dementia. For example, if the male dreamer in this story often dreams only of his old homeland, then it indicates his brain prefers to replay images made in very early memories. One reason maybe because his brain is affected by early dementia.

The sage presents a stalk of sage to you.

Dream of walking to store & see flowers peeking out of boundary walls

One night, a young woman dreamed she was going to the store to buy her supplies. As she was making her way uphill, she had to pass by several houses. These homes were surrounded by boundary walls. There were clear gaps in-between the walls, or where “windows” were constructed into the walls. Flowers peeked out from these gaps. The flowers made the bleak walls look good. Their dashes of color brightened the empty walls.

Dream interpretation

The woman dreamer had to run an errand but her work was made pleasant by the nice scenery on her way to the store.

The dreamer has work and chores to do. However, there are bright sparks in her life. These are represented by the pretty flowers she sees on her way.

Mindful walking, acknowledge brown grass, see wild grass flowers, let these thoughts go, focus on walking again.