Dreaming broken doll gets loved

When I was a little girl, I had a broken doll I couldn’t bear to throw away. Then one day, she got tossed out while I was at school. I was upset. One night, I dreamed my broken doll was with me. I was dreaming my broken doll gets loved again.

My family did not appreciate my broken doll because they only saw the external damage and worthless economic value of a wasted toy. They didn’t think of my emotional and intangible bonds with my old toy. It is easy for people to fall in love with new toys, but not to love broken toys.

Dreaming about doctor who can solve specific physiological problem

One night, I suffered from insomnia. When I did manage to fall asleep, I dreamed. My dream was about visiting a doctor to seek a cure for a problem. I didn’t know which doctor, until suddenly the name and face appeared in my mind. And yes, she was a good fit because I had met her once before and got to know her style. It was strange that I should be able to envision her name and face as I had not visited this doctor for at least one whole year.

When we have a problem, our brain sits on it and ruminates for possible solutions. Then it creates a dream to present imagery that is associated with the solution. That’s how I got my dream.

Dreaming of day-dreaming nutritionist who went the whole mile to stalk her client

This story is about Dreaming of a day-dreaming nutritionist who went the whole mile to stalk her client.


The woman nutritionist wanted to investigate why her female client’s diet lacked salt. She was a day-dreaming nutritionist because she aspired to be good in her job. She visited the home and checked the kitchen. There were more than one salt shaker on the kitchen counter. In the pantry, there were bags and bags of salt on a shelf. Yet, the woman’s diet showed a severe lack of sodium chloride.

The nutritionist asked her client, “Have you been eating salt?”

“Yes.” she said.

“But your blood test indicated otherwise.”

The woman shrugged.

The nutritionist decided to stalk this client for a day. She started on a fresh new day. She wore bland clothes and walking shoes. She wore a cap to hide her hair which was neatly tucked into a bun. She succeeded in tailing her client from the start of dawn. The woman ran errands at the supermarket, and then returned home. It was easy tailing her. It was a long wait from then until night fall. There was no movement. The nutritionist wanted to call it a day. Suddenly, the woman came out of her home and drove her car out of the driveway.

The nutritionist had to gulp down a mouthful of coffee to kick start her sleepy and dull senses. She slowly tailed her subject. It wasn’t difficult to follow in the easy lull of the after office hours traffic. The roads were near deserted.

The woman’s car eventually parked outside a pair of gates. She opened her car door and boot. She took a long roll, which looked like a rolled up mat. She carried a small paper bag in her other hand.

This was tricky for the nutritionist. She parked her car a long distance away from the gates and slowly shut her door. She had to be as quiet and stealth as possible to avoid being heard. It was quiet save for the sound of crickets. She slowly walked towards the gates, just in time to catch a glimpse of her subject a long distance ahead. There was a clearing.

The nutritionist hid behind the trees along the pathway. She never took her eyes off her subject. The woman had stopped at the clearing. She appeared to unroll her mat and had sat on it.

“Strange place and time to be sitting here,” thought the nutritionist. She stood behind a tree. There was nowhere else to hide.

It was cold. A gust of wind rushed past her. She felt goose bumps on her arms.

A stream of people walked up to the woman on the mat. A person stood in front of the woman. She appeared to be scooping a handful of stuff into an out-stretched hand. Then the person stretched out their other hand to drop some money onto the mat, and then walked away. The next person in line did the same. They stretched out one hand with the palm facing upwards. The woman poured a handful into that palm. She received a handful of money which was dropped onto her mat.

The nutritionist was unaware of the legend. She looked at the people. Something happened. Suddenly, there was only one person left in the clearing.

The client gathered up the rest of her goods, tucked her pile of money into her pockets, rolled up her mat, and made her way back to her car.

The end.

Writing prompt

Dreaming of lover you see & talk to only in dreams

Dreaming of lover you see & talk to only in dreams is common.

There are people and characters who you see only in dreams. If the person helps you with suggestions and advice, that may be your mentor and Oracle. If you dream of people who have are deceased, and recall their advice, it is because your brain replays the reminders as warnings to deal with your current state of affairs in real life.

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Dreaming of blooming garden & learning secret why it flourishes

Its the manure isn’t it?

If you have green thumbs, you might have been dreaming of your blooming garden. This is natural as you dream of your activity which you spent time in.

If you don’t have green thumbs and have never spent much time in gardening, then dreaming of a blooming garden is odd and holds several possible meanings.

  1. That you need to spend more time in gardening. There are several types of gardening in life, which are not the literal gardening in real life. Gardening can mean tending to your work, hobby, family, relationships & etc.
  2. You need to invest more effort to reap fruits.
  3. There may be a secret input of raw materials to nurture your garden. Someone may be helping you secretly. This dream might be a call to action for you to discover why is behind this secret help.
Collage house.

I dreamed a woman cheated me by setting me up

I dreamed a woman cheated me by setting me up as the fall guy so that she could preserve her job security. It was a foretelling type of dream. Then one day, it happened in a public office. I could have stayed on but I decided that was enough, so I left.

Dreaming of souls waiting for prayers to relieve purgatory suffering

One day, I heard a sermon by a priest, who spoke about souls waiting for prayers to relieve purgatory suffering. This priest said he had been dreaming of souls waiting for prayers to relieve purgatory suffering. He said he dreamed he saw souls floating around his church.

Dreaming of circus

If you were dreaming of circus, it can mean:

  1. You like visiting the circus.
  2. You have specific memories and associations with the circus.
  3. Your life has variety or drama that resembles a circus.
  4. You have nostalgia for entertainment.
  5. You’re being asked to reflect on the external showy life and think about what matters to you.

Dreaming of forcing customers to buy from food truck

I had some old dreams about food trucks. I think these dreams came from nostalgia and re-invention, because I used to buy drinks and ice cream from the” ice truck”.

In my dreams of food trucks, I saw myself choosing food items like pieces of vegetables and asking the vendor to cook them for me. I usually had vegetable soup.

There are no specific meanings for dream interpretation of food trucks. This dream is usually due to:

  1. Memories.
  2. Nostalgia.
  3. Hunger.
  4. People associated with food truck. Maybe the familiar vendor.

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