#100HappyDays Challenge Day 28

#100HappyDays Challenge Day 28 says to declutter your personal schedule. Do you really need to keep so many appointments for your social calendar? Would you benefit more by leaving at least one day free to relax, and recharge for the following week?

I have a relative who is a social butterfly. She flirts from one flower to another. Then she decided she was too stressed living in a rat race because there are so many flowers and so little time to visit them. She decided to fly far away, to a land where there were few flowers. She would not be distracted to visit many flowers then.

Don’t be like this butterfly. You don’t have to migrate far away to obtain space for yourself. You can create personal space by saying no to many commitments.


The butterfly flew

to a land where she could rest,

her tired wings still.

#100HappyDays Challenge was created by Dmitry Golubnichy. His book of the title, “Can You Be Happy for 100 Days In A Row?” was printed in 2017. Please click on the link. There are English and Spanish editions.