Dreaming of plugging invisible leaks

Dreaming of plugging invisible leaks refers to the dream where your downstairs neighbor’s bathroom ceiling has water stains. This neighbor asks you to come down to their bathroom to show you the water leaks. They point a finger at your bathroom, which sits directly on top of theirs. In your dream, you try plugging invisible leaks but you don’t know where to start. You feel bad that its water from your bathroom upstairs, that is leaking down. You are desperate to find the solution. You cry and your tears add to the water which is flowing around on the floor.

Dream interpretation of leaks:

When the leaks originate from your property, it can mean you’re losing your resources slowly, drip by drip. Plus, you’ll lose money when you need to plough in money to rectify this leaking problem. In real life, you need to pay attention to areas where you’re losing out.

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