#100HappyDays Challenge Day 18

100HappyDays Challenge Day 18 has a prompt saying to dust your top shelves. Because you know, the old proverb says cleanliness is next to godliness.

Cleaning is not exactly my kind of therapy but I need to do it periodically. I seldom dust my shelves because they’re inside my wardrobe and I don’t like to drag out my ladder. I have to stand on a ladder to reach those shelves.

I mop the floors of my small, dingy apartment every week. It feels pleasant walking on clean floors.

Spring cleaning. Then I remembered I hated the idea of house guests.

#100HappyDays Challenge was created by Dmitry Golubnichy. His book of the title, “Can You Be Happy for 100 Days In A Row?” was printed in 2017. Please click on the link. There are English and Spanish editions.