28 Causes of Dreams (updated)

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28 Common Causes of Dreams (update below)

  1. Tiredness of the physical body.
  2. Lack of sufficient sleep.
  3. Mental stress, emotional stress, or other psychological stress.
  4. Unresolved issues with a parent.
  5. Sudden halt of development of a certain issue.
  6. Your spirit guide may have sent that dream to message you.
  7. Your waking reality triggers dreams.
  8. Mental stress or instability triggers invention of dreams.
  9. Old memories of psychosis may be replayed in a dream.
  10. Alternate states of consciousness deceive you into thinking that you’re dreaming, but actually you’re not dreaming.
  11. Talk to your Gatekeeper of Dreams. This is an area in your brain, which is in-charge of dreams.
  12. When events in reality awaken your brain to possible dangers, these events trigger dreams that warn you of these futuristic threats.
  13. Your own unconscious mind may have invented this dream, to send a message.
  14. Your dream can be hint to work on your desire, to make it a reality.
  15. Your internal organ, or if you’re carrying a fetus, may stimulate a dream for you. For some women, the fetus may even inform of their gender, or tell of their presence. Thus a fetus can cause a dream.
  16. External stimuli received by any of your five senses during the day, may stimulate dreams. Stimuli can cause dreams.
  17. External stimuli received by your senses during sleep can also cause dreams.
  18. Illness can cause dreams, especially when the sick organ sends signals to your brain, who then creates a dream that has a message from this organ. The purpose of such a dream is to inform you to seek medical attention to address this problem.
  19. Your mental state can trigger dreams that reflect on your state of mind.
  20. When a recent event reminds your brain of an old encounter that was bad, your brain may be stimulated to create a dream that replays the old encounter, or your brain invents a dream that reminds you of the past dangers.
  21. Your activity just before bedtime may create an impressionable memory, which gets replayed during your sleep. This can be especially so when the activity is a new kind which made a big impression on you. This activity can cause a dream.
  22. Existing knowledge from your culture and religion can cause dreams.
  23. Symbols, in dream imagery, which bear important meanings, may be the cause and focus of certain dreams. These symbols cause dreams because they need to relay messages to you.
  24. Your thoughts during waking hours can cause dreams. Your thoughts with desires trigger dreams because you desire to see your wishes, they appear in dreams.
  25. Seasons of the year can cause dreams that show a specific season in the background. For instance, you might dream of summer when it is summer.
  26. Emotional moods during waking hours can cause dreams.
  27. Repressed feelings during the day can cause dreams at night, because they want your attention, to ask you to resolve the unsuppressed feelings.
  28. Traumatic, upsetting experiences can cause dreams because they left strong impressions in your memory.

If you want to have dreams, try courting any one of these common causes. Try them if you can handle the consequences of dreaming. Use only one cause at a time. You must not overwhelm your brain.

Good luck.

P.S. I have made picture cards to illustrate these causes of dreams, and written some details to explain further. If you’re interested to read the detailed version of Common Causes of Dreams, leave a comment here, or stay tuned to this blog. I might post the illustrated picture cards one day.

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