Walk away from abuse


Walk away from verbal abuse,
walk away from physical violence,
walk away from negativity.
Walk towards your conviction of
a dream of a better tomorrow.

When you walk away, you break the loop of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, where you feel compelled to stay to suffer abuse. When you feel sympathy for your tormentor, you have fallen into the Stockholm Syndrome. Abuse is not a part of your life. Don’t fool yourself into believing that what does not kill you will only make you stronger. Abuse kills. It breaks your mind, stabs your heart and numbs you to succumb farther. Confront abuse if you can. Walk away if you can’t. Leave. Anyone – anyone who stands with an abuser, is guilty of committing the same sins as the abuser.This betrayer of your trust will regroup and launch a fresh attack on you. Walk away from them. Seek help if you need to. Banish the destroyers away from your life.

Walk away before abuse breaks your legs. Please.

#WritingPrompts theme: walking away.

I like this tweet:

Verbal abuse inflicts mental stress, emotional wounds, physical torture and spiritual conflict.

Verbal abuse breaks.

An angry person violates your personal space and boundary, reducing your space.

Abuse is one of the tactics a bully uses to exert influence and control. The bully could not achieve their secret agenda by legitimate means. Abuse is violence meant to break the will power of the victim. It distorts perceptions and corrupts both the bully and victim.

Writing prompt “control“.

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  1. you are very knowledgeable about the harmful effects of domestic abuse. the drawings open up another whole part of the brain to receive the message.

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