Wake up & concentrate on driving

While I was on my morning run to buy the day’s newspapers, I saw a delivery truck with cooking gas canisters. The driver was holding a can of soft drink in his right hand, and steering a turn with his left hand. He needs to wake up and concentrate on driving.

Cartoon/ doodle/ drawing/ sketch/ painting of a cab driver.


  1. Oh I hope that man didn’t crash into anything and that you’re safe and fine. Reckless drivers need to know the danger they put themselves and others into.

  2. That driver went up a hill into a residential estate while I was walking along the main road. I lost sight of him as he drove out of view. People are stressed and hard pressed for time so they multi-task while driving. We all live in the same rat race world.

    Thank you for taking time to read & comment.

    I’m trying to evolve this blog. May add a different series of comics with animals or merge two different types of concepts.

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