Dream of trees

Dream of trees.

Sometimes, a human sleeper can dream of themselves as a non-human living thing. There could be a variety of possibilities that can explain why the dreamer sees themselves as a tree.

  1. Dreamer is dissociated with their reality because of problems beyond their ability to cope.
  2. Dreamer may be physically ill and unable to process input stimuli, so the mind tries to escape from responsibility by dreaming it has become something else.

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Dreaming of bots

Help – the bots are coming.

The dream of bots chasing me online … I dreamed it before it happened. It was bound to happen even if I didn’t dream of it. Every account will get trolled by bots. Its only a matter of time before one’s account is tagged.

Poetry in Comics

Poem in Comics

Poem #1 (free style).

Its been XX years.

I continue to hurt.

“Stop dwelling on it” says a lawyer.

“Help others to forget your pain” says a businesswoman-philanthropist.

“Be positive” says a life coach.

Poem #1

What should it be?

Poem #1 continued.

All of those above.

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Poem #1 features my Twitter friends. You know who you are. 🙂


Coming soon – Poem in Comics #2

Dreaming of snacks

Food, snacks, steamed corn, french fries, apple pie.

Dream of snacks

When you dream of food, it probably means you’re hungry. Snacks are small portions of food. If you see dream imagery of snacks, it may mean your hunger is proportionate to the dream imagery of food.

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Meaning of Dreaming of Sailing

Kitesurfing, a combo of sailing, surfing and kiteing.

I watched a man kitesurfing on my first trip to the beach in a very long while. It was awesome. He looked like he was sailing with the wind in his tails.

What’s the meaning of sailing in a dream?

To sail means to catch the wind. This can be a metaphor hinting you should take advantage of resources in your environment.

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Dreaming of sign

Dreaming of sign, #doodlewashAugust2019 Aug 7 2019.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the environment in your dreams. Every detail may hold some meaning to create the context. If you see a sign in your dream, try to linger a bit to remember what it says. You can make lingering a habit when you tell yourself and program your brain, to pay attention to the details in your dreams.

Prompt from #doodlewashAugust2019 Aug 7 2019, word prompt sign, #WorldWaterColorGroup.

Dreaming of Travel Paint Kit

Dreaming of my travel paint kit.

This is my water color travel paint kit. Its a palette, like a makeup plate and easy to use. However, I still can’t use it in places that forbid paints because it is inappropriate. I usually draw in black ink and paint somewhere else where books, food, and drink don’t forbid the use of painting. I can’t paint in a library/ Starbucks/ McDonalds/ K.F.C./ B.K. But I can draw at these places and paint later. My paint kit is more for local travel outside home, where I can fill in colors for my drawings. I also use it at home because I don’t need to squeeze a tube of paint for large quantities of paint. The palette is economical as I use water in my paint brush to get a small amount of paint color out of the palette.

Dreaming of travel paint kit

I was excited to buy and own my first travel paint kit in 2018. Previously, I used the conventional tube water color paint set which comes in a cardboard box.

Some days, I think hard about what to draw and paint. That’s why I use word prompts and drawing prompts, to set the topic for the picture and post.

Since I think of my water color paint palette often, it came as no surprise to me when I dreamed about it. In my dream, I was staring at my palette and trying to decide on the right color to use for a picture on my paper. That is exactly what happens when I use my palette in my waking daytime. I have 22 colors in my palette but sometimes, these are insufficient varieties to depict the color in my mind. My dream was a replay of what I experience in my reality. I woke up feeling puzzled.

After thinking about my dream, I decided to buy a bigger palette with more water colors. I bought one with 24 colors. Its only a temporary upgrade with 2 additional colors. It was the most I could buy in the art store. Water color paints are not sold in more colors. Artists are expected to mix paints to create the exact color and shade they desire. I have older boxes of 48 colored pencils, 36 colors, 24 and 12 colored pencils. The set of 48 is a big challenge as it holds too many colors to choose from. My difficulty is in having too few colors, or too many colors! My main problem is that I have to get used to choosing colors.

Water color painting prompt for August 1 2019 is Travel Paint Kit from #doodlewashAugust2019, #WorldWaterColorGroup

If any of you visit and have your own paintings, drop your link in a comment and I’ll return your visit. Thanks.

Dreaming of airplane

Dreaming of airplane.

Dreaming of airplane

This dream symbol usually means:

  1. You are going to travel soon.
  2. You’re going to the airport to receive someone.
  3. Someone known to you is flying away on an airplane.
  4. You’re leaving your job or home.

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Dreaming of passengers on board airplane.

Dreaming of an airplane (aeroplane/ airplane) means you crave for freedom, to fly.

Dreaming of airplane.

If you dream that your plane is flying in a steady manner, it means you will have a smooth journey. You are not in control of your flight, since you are a passenger in the aircraft. The pilot has control of the plane. If you dream of experiencing air turbulence, it means your trip will not be smooth. In waking life, you will face difficulties.