Dreaming of Travel Paint Kit

Dreaming of my travel paint kit.

This is my water color travel paint kit. Its a palette, like a makeup plate and easy to use. However, I still can’t use it in places that forbid paints because it is inappropriate. I usually draw in black ink and paint somewhere else where books, food, and drink don’t forbid the use of painting. I can’t paint in a library/ Starbucks/ McDonalds/ K.F.C./ B.K. But I can draw at these places and paint later. My paint kit is more for local travel outside home, where I can fill in colors for my drawings. I also use it at home because I don’t need to squeeze a tube of paint for large quantities of paint. The palette is economical as I use water in my paint brush to get a small amount of paint color out of the palette.

Dreaming of travel paint kit

I was excited to buy and own my first travel paint kit in 2018. Previously, I used the conventional tube water color paint set which comes in a cardboard box.

Some days, I think hard about what to draw and paint. That’s why I use word prompts and drawing prompts, to set the topic for the picture and post.

Since I think of my water color paint palette often, it came as no surprise to me when I dreamed about it. In my dream, I was staring at my palette and trying to decide on the right color to use for a picture on my paper. That is exactly what happens when I use my palette in my waking daytime. I have 22 colors in my palette but sometimes, these are insufficient varieties to depict the color in my mind. My dream was a replay of what I experience in my reality. I woke up feeling puzzled.

After thinking about my dream, I decided to buy a bigger palette with more water colors. I bought one with 24 colors. Its only a temporary upgrade with 2 additional colors. It was the most I could buy in the art store. Water color paints are not sold in more colors. Artists are expected to mix paints to create the exact color and shade they desire. I have older boxes of 48 colored pencils, 36 colors, 24 and 12 colored pencils. The set of 48 is a big challenge as it holds too many colors to choose from. My difficulty is in having too few colors, or too many colors! My main problem is that I have to get used to choosing colors.

Water color painting prompt for August 1 2019 is Travel Paint Kit from #doodlewashAugust2019, #WorldWaterColorGroup

If any of you visit and have your own paintings, drop your link in a comment and I’ll return your visit. Thanks.

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